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LGBTQ Resource Page: Home

"It never ceases to surprise me

that at a time when our world faces massive problems such as war, disease, hunger, and starvation some people should be spending so much time and energy on sexual orientation, determined to discriminate against others because of their sexual orientation.  I believe that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LBGT) community has the same rights and freedoms as anyone else in our world.  We are not free until we are all free.”


--Bishop Desmond Tutu





This resource page was designed with a two-fold purpose in mind.  First, to serve as a guide for students who may be questioning their sexual identity (or have identified it) and may be looking for support and information.  Pertinent Web sites and crisis hotline phone numbers are included so that students in trouble or pain can find the help they need.   The second purpose is to serve as a jumping off page for Brookdale Community College students who are doing research on sex and gender issues and want to explore the resources of the Bankier Library and the Internet. 


About the author

This guide was created by Jan Boyarin Blundell , MLS, Adjunct Librarian, BCC.