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Research & Web Guide for the Radiologic Technology student

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From The New York Times, "X-Rays and Unshielded Infants: Radiation Errors Tied to Poor Training and Oversight," 28 February 2011, page 1.

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This guide is designed to help students find, evaluate, use, and cite information related to their course assignments. 

 You will find resources on radiologic technology topics through the online catalog, from periodicals databases and indexes, and through the Web.  You may be using a variety of subject headings to guide your research. You may think of your research by topics or speciality. Each of the tabs in this guide will offer sources and ideas to help guide your research.  Choose one of the main tabs, such as "Finding Background Information" or "Finding Articles" to begin; you may also choose a subtopic under one of the main tabs, such as "Keyword Searching Tools" or "Scholarly vs Popular Periodicals."

Best of luck with your research!

Radium Teletherapy Apparatus, c. 1930, Science Museum, London, UK



This page was created by Karen Topham , Professor (retired). It is maintained and updated by Shay Delcurla, librarian liaison.